Placement Test

In order to help the teachers at the center in placing the students into the levels that accurately correspond to their English profeciency, the center uses one of the most standardized placement tests in the world, Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments (CaMLA). This palcement test is designed to quickly and reliably place EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students into homogeneous ability levels. Its purpose is to provide an accurate assessment of a test taker's general receptive language proficiency by measuring performance in the following key skill areas:

  • listening comprehension

  • grammatical knowledge

  • vocabulary range

  • reading comprehension

In addition, an oral interview is performed to assess each test taker's speaking profeciency level. Teachers will be able to confidently place EFL students into appropriate levels based on a CaMLA score.

During the terms, students are subject to an intensive system of testing. The aim is to keep the student busy with English and ready to take any exam at any moment. These tests constitute 60% of the total term mark of the student, that is 100%. Final exam is out of 40%.

Also during the term students are required to do quiz, homework and class assignments and other activities which guarantee students' continuous engagement with English.