The aim of Behar English Language Centre is to provide high quality education which prepares students for further study, equipping them with the academic and linguistic tools necessary for the transition to higher education in an institution in which English is the ONLY medium of communication.

BECL understands that our primary objective is to prepare students for entry to higher education and we propose to address this objective through two main aims:

  • First, to develop the student’s English language abilities to at least the minimum required for entry to, and engagement in, their Degree i.e. IETLS 5.0 or higher.

  • Second, to enhance study skills to a level appropriate for successful engagement in Higher Education.

BECL’s educational philosophy is that students' needs are best met through a communicative and action-orientated approach which focuses on developing the language skills which will be needed in a higher education context. This approach encourages the student to reflect upon their own current capabilities and to share responsibility for identifying and addressing areas which require development. Such an approach supports also the development of skills and behaviour needed for successful engagement in higher education.

English + IELTS Preparation + Cultural Awareness

BELC offers intensive and semi-intensive English courses, with test preparations which aim to develop English to an IELTS of 5.0 or equivalent and prepare for overseas study. BELC also aims at creating an English speaking community, where English is the only language spoken. This community offers a variety of activities, chat day, movie nights and other activities, which intend to provide more exposure to English Language, and thus better mastery of it.

English Language for Teachers and Lectures

BELC does also offer a range of programmes designed to enhance the English language skills for the current English Language teachers and lecturers at Koya University, English teachers in the schools of Koya and from across the Region. Residential capabilities at Koya would allow for short and long term courses for teachers from across the country.

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